Open Circle is an evidence based social emotional curriculum for grades K-5 that supports children’s learing and wellbeing by partnering with school communities to foster social and emotional development and support inclusive and welcoming learning environments. Open Circle supports focused time for SEL instruction for teachers to facilitate twice-weekly (daily for the first 2 weeks of school), 15-20 minute, Open Circle classroom meetings using lessons from the Open Circle Curriculum. Open Circle, SEL+ offers additional training that support educators and students within diverse communities in grades K-12.

Open Circle Training

Open Circle is an evidence based, whole-school approach to help students develop social and emotional skills and to foster safe, caring, and highly-engaging school communities. School community members can participate in at least one professional development program and parents will also be invited to at least one parent workshop. Open Circle’s trainings are designed to be interactive, participatory, informative, engaging and (we hope!) fun. Below is a description of Open Circle trainings and services

Open Circle Trainings:

Grade-Level Teachers (3 full days, 24 hours):

  • Two consecutive 8-hour training days in the summer
  • One 8-hour training day in late winter/early spring (*For onsite school training this third day can be split into four 2-hour after school sessions)

Administrators (1hour):

  • One 1-hour Open Circle overview Administrators are encouraged to also participate in training for Grade-Level Teachers or Specialist & Support Staff

Specialist & Support Staff (1 full day, 8 hours):

  • Choice of two 4-hour or 8-hour training day

Community/ Family Overview (1 hour):

  • One 1-hour Open Circle overview