An Open Circle session where the teacher and students are seated around a rug with a map of the globe in the center


Open Circle provides a model of social and emotional learning where classroom teachers implement the Open Circle Curriculum twice-weekly, during 15-minute Open Circle Meetings. 

The curriculum focuses on both SEL skill-building and community-building:

  • recognizing the mutual importance and interdependence of teaching social-emotional skills 

  • creating safe, caring learning environments for successful SEL and academic instruction.

Teachers use Open Circle lessons to foster a sense of belonging while facilitating engaging lessons to develop and strengthen critical social and emotional skills. Students and teachers sit in a circle where there is always an open space symbolizing that there is always room for one more person to join, or for a new perspective or thought within the classroom meeting.   

The Open Circle Community

Whole schools can be trained in Open Circle’s various components according to their role to reinforce Open Circle skills and foster a sense of belonging and community. 

Teachers engage families with home letters (available in multiple languages) about Open Circle instruction. 

The students and teachers raise their hands in an Open Circle session