The journey toward becoming a culturally aware educator


Identity is the cornerstone for becoming a culturally aware educator. Understanding who we are, and the lens we use to navigate through the world becomes the foundation for establishing identity affirming communities that support belonging for all students.

This training promotes insight and introspection into our many identities, and the ways in which they are influenced by our socio-cultural landscape. We explore the layers of identity and intersectionality, all within the context of historically marginalized and historically privileged groups in our society.

Using an anti-racist framework and culturally responsive pedagogy participants will engage in experiential exercises and activities that will allow for critical examination of identities, power structures and discovery into how to move awareness into application within schools.

Training Description

Through our sessions we explore who we are, examining both our individual and group identities as we uncover and reflect on the origin and formation of these identities. As we take a deep dive into our own identities, we will seek to recognize how our identities influence our interactions with others and impact our teaching.

We will engage in experiential learning, sharing our stories and learning about others through a variety of activities. The experiential process includes reflection as a critical component of the process.

Our journey together through self exploration, introspection and awareness remains rooted within the context of society, as we uncover the power and privilege that comes with certain identities in society. Using a social justice lens we will gain understanding of historically both advantaged groups/ identities and historically marginalized groups/ identities. Learning for this work will also include action: taking self discovery to application and creating change within your sphere of influence.