“You teach who you are.”

– Parker Palmer


Educators are often the most influential curriculum in the classroom bringing their identities, experiences, beliefs and expectations into their students.

At the heart of this training participants engage in cultivating an awareness of self and others to promote belonging and connection. Together, we explore identity and belonging while building our capacity for empathy and perspective-taking to build a foundation for creating safe and identity affirming communities. This training invites you to develop presence, explore vulnerability, strengthen compassion and create opportunities for self care.

Participants engage in experiential group activities, reflection and mindfulness to cultivate an awareness of self and appreciation of others, while strengthening relationships within the adult community.

This training is for educators invested in SEL and DEI work. Research supports that meaningful SEL and effective DEI practices in the classroom must first begin within the adult community.

For teachers, the awareness of who you are as an educator and understanding the experiences of others becomes as essential as what you teach.


ABC’s of Adult SEL and DEI offers deep exploration into cultivating an awareness of self and others. We discover what it means to belong in community with others and the significance of creating identity affirming spaces within schools.

Our journey of self discovery, exploring intersectionality, and forming connections within the adult community become the cornerstone of doing effective SEL and DEI. During our time together we explore both identity and intersectionality of self and others.

As we continue through our training we expand our vision to understand group development, inclusion and belonging. We explore group identities within the context of historically marginalized/ privileged groups in our society.

We explore how identity presents within the classroom as we move from process to action. Participants engage in applications to their work by presenting identity lessons with the larger group. We conclude by exploring a personal commitment to move toward wellbeing, self-resilience and allyship within our community.