Children’s Literature Connected to Mindfulness

Anhs AngerAnh’s Anger, by Gail Silver

When Ahn gets angry, his grandfather encourages him to “sit with his anger” and work through his emotions. Anger becomes a central character in the story in order to illustrate for children how they can effectively manage their strong emotions.

Charlotte quiet placeCharlotte and the Quiet Place, by Deborah Sosin

In a city full of noise and distraction, Charlotte finds quiet in an unexpected place.

AWARDS: 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award – Gold Winner, 2016 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) – Silver Medal Winner, 2015 National Parenting Publications (NPPA) – Bronze Award Winner

Everybody Needs A RockEverybody Needs a Rock, by Byrd Baylor

A guide to finding the perfect rock to hold on to in order to keep yourself calm.

The Happiest TreeThe Happiest Tree: A Yoga Story, by Uma Krishnaswami

Learning some basic Yoga practices helps a student stay calm and focused, especially in school.

If You Find A RockIf you Find a Rock, by Peggy Christian

By engaging senses, emotions, and experiences, this book invites children to pay mindful attention to the many different kinds of rocks in their environment.

The Lemonade HurricaneThe Lemonade Hurricane: A story of mindfulness and meditation, by Licia Morelli

Emma tries to teach her little brother how to slow down and be still. She shares some basic mindfulness practices with him in order to help him be less like a hurricane of activity.

The Listening WalkThe Listening Walk, by Paul Showers

During a walk with her father and her dog, a little girl intentionally keeps quiet and shifts her attention to all the sounds around her.

Mindful Monkey Happy PandaMindful Monkey, Happy Panda, by Lauren Aldefer

Panda teaches Monkey about paying attention to what is happening in the moment, instead of letting thoughts jump around from one thing to another.

Owl MoonOwl Moon, by Jane Yolen

A young girl learns how to be comfortable with quiet and the practice of waiting as she anticipates the appearance of an owl in the moonlight.

Peaceful Piggy MeditationPeaceful Piggy Meditation, by Kerry Lee MacLean

Facing stressful situations at home or at school is easier if one knows how to breathe and stay calm.

The Quiet BookThe Quiet Book, by Deborah Underwood

This book invites the reader to pay attention to the many kinds of quiet in our lives.

AWARDS: 2011 ALA Notable Children's Book, 2010–2011 New York Times bestseller, 2011 CCBC Choices, 2011 NCTE Notable Children's Trade Book, 2010 New York Times Notable Book, 2010 Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, 2010 School Library Journal Best Book of the Year

SilenceSilence, by Lemniscates

Paying attention in the moment is one way to practice mindfulness. Silence invites readers to pause, listen, and reflect on their experiences and the world around them.

The Sound of SilenceThe Sound of Silence, by Katrina Goldsaito

A young boy expands his concept of silence while setting out to find his favorite sound in an urban setting.

Steps and StonesSteps and Stones - An Anh's Anger Story, by Gail Silver

Ahn learns how to pause and give himself time to manage his strong feelings before he responds to classmates in an unsafe way.

Step Gently OutStep Gently Out, by Helen Frost

Close-up photographs of the natural world model for us some ways to experience the natural world differently. If we slow down, and pay attention, we’ll see things from a fresh perspective.

Zen ShortsZen Shorts, by Jon Muth

Stillwater, the bear, teaches some children how to pause, reflect, and manage their emotions in confusing or stressful situations.